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Vayu Siddhi

VayuGuy1Championing your breath is the key to truly enjoying the fruits of your yoga practice, because it is through caring about your breathing that your tapas, your stubborn dedication and your pointed, daily toil will yield its important inner rewards. Through working with your breath in using this dvd/book set I hope you will turn to and trust your breath during times of celebration and challenge, that you will cultivate healthy breathing habits, and view breath as the key to unlocking the secrets to all yoga techniques.

In presenting this material I aim to transform your ideas about the role that your breath can play in your daily practice, to see how the consciousness that you develop through breath awareness leads you into the greater spiritual context of your life. I aim to set your imagination ablaze on the vital subject of breathing as your principal source of Self knowledge.

Disc One: A Guide to Ujjayi Breathing in Ashtanga Yoga
Disc One is made up of a set of breathing practices that will help you better understand how to breath in your asana practice, give you a strong foundation for learning pranayama and form the beginning steps to working with the Sri K Pattabhi Jois’s pranayama sequence.

Disc Two: A Guide to the Ashtanga Pranayama Sequence
Includes two parts:
Part one introduces you to the Ashtanga Pranayama sequence by giving you step by step, detailed instruction in each of the five pranayama’s that make up the sequence.

Part Two takes you through the entire thirty plus minute Ashtanga Pranayama Sequence without interruption.

The book has three themes:
1) provide you with supplemental information to help you make best use of the exercises on the dvd’s
2) to present a collection of writings that convey the transformative possibilities of pranayama
3) to serve as a glossary and reference for the yoga language used on the dvd’s.


This DVD/book set is dedicated to Sri K Pattabhi Jois, who was a Vayu Siddha, a master of breathing, and from whom I learned this sequence. Study the material offered on these discs and your breathing can become a well spring, a main source for tapping the tremendous life force within you. Like Hanuman, the loyal servant of Ram, your breath can become a formidable ally, a most devoted friend that guides you further into the beloved practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Through practice may you attain Vayu Siddhi, perfection of breathing and go inwards to Self.

Jaya Satguru Natha Maharaja Ki Jai!
Bolo Sri K Pattabhi Jois Guruji Ki Jai!

Enjoy! David